Qual Chem’s Hygiene Solutions

Air Freshening Systems

We supply and install a range of quality Air Freshener units, which dispense an aerosol to mask all those nasty odours. Read more.

Disinfectant Wipes

Convenient dispensers are installed in rest rooms and toilet cubicles to ensure the hygiene of your patrons. Read more.

Fly Catchers

We can supply various types of fly catchers for different applications.  The most common unit used is the sticky pad unit. Read more.

Hand Drying Systems

We supply and install three different quality systems to suit your practical requirements and budget. Read more.

Hand Washing Systems

Washrooms are provided with high quality, user-friendly soap dispensers, for different work applications. Read more.

Hygiene Consumables

We supply a wide range of technologically-advanced, highly effective chemical cleaning agents and supplies. Read more.

Sanitary Disposal Systems

Ladies’ cubicles are supplied with high quality, aesthetically appealing sanitary bins, which are based on the Liner System. Read more.

Sanitiser Units

Each urinal is fitted with a unit to ensure that the bacteria are neutralized and the unit is left smelling fresh. Read more.

Qual Chem’s Product Range