Tetracide BCZ

Concentrated treatment for the removal of algae.

TETRACIDE BCZ is concentrated algaecide that can be sprayed onto any surface that has algae growth on it.   It removes all dirt, algae and fungus and prevents their regrowth.  It is also used as a pre-treatment of exterior surfaces before they are painted.


Appearance:   Free flowing white powder   |   Odour: Characteristic chlorine odour


  • Cleaning

    Dilute the 1 part to 60 parts water. (165 ml per 10 litres water)

    Spray the surface and allow to stand for 1 to 2 days depending on algae growth.

    Scrub with a broom and water to remove all dirt and debris.

  • Painting

    Dilute 1 part to 100 parts water (100 ml per 10 litres water).

    Spray a further application on after cleaning as above.

    Paint. This prevents algae growth under the dressing.


Eyes:   Flush with running water. Administer eye drops.

Ingestion:  Drink water. If severe seek medical attention.