Superdet CFC

Quality powdered floor cleaning detergent for the food preparation industry.

SUPERDET CFC is an effective powered floor cleaning detergent.

SUPERDER CFC is used on concrete and painted floors, ceramic, brick and quarry tiles.

It is used in areas where sanitation is important such as butcheries, abattoirs and bakeries.


  • concrete and painted floors
  • ceramic
  • brick & quarry tiles
  • butcheries
  • abattoirs
  • bakeries

Appearance: Free flowing white powder   |   Odour: Characteristic chlorine odour


  • Application

    Wet the floor.

    Spread the powder evenly over the wet floor at a rate of 50g  per m2.

  • Loosen Dirt

    Work the dirt loose with a stiff broom.

  • Rinse

    Rinse with clean water and squeegee dry.


Keep out of reach from children

Store in a dry place.

Do Not mix with other detergents or acids.

Skin: Wash with soap and water. Apply hand cream.

Eyes: Flush with water. Administer eye drops.

Ingestion: Induce vomiting. Get medical attention