Qualglo TS

A silicone based polish for tyres.


QUALGLO TS is a quality polish for tyres. It has a high percentage of silicones and is quick drying for a high shine that is long lasting.

Appearance:  Clear  liquid   |   Odour: Slight characteristic

pH:  4.55 + / – 0.05

SG:  1.00


  • Application

    Apply with a sponge to the tyres.

  • Brighten Rims

    QUALGLO TS can also be used to shine and brighten up rims.

  • Bumpers and Beading

    Apply to bumpers and beading to restore them to their original black.


Skin:         Wash with soap and water. Apply hand cream after prolonged contact.

Eyes:        Flush with running water.

Ingestion:  Drink water. If sever get medical attention.