Qualglo SB

Spray and buff solution for floors.

QUALGLO SB is an acrylic copolymer floor dressing which is non-slipp and scuff and heel mark resistant, hard wearing and durable. QUALGLO SB cleans as it buffs to a high shine.

1 litre buffs 100 square metres.


Appearance:  Light blue opaque liquid   |   Odour: Slight characteristic

pH:  8.1

SG:  1.00


  • Floor Preparation

    Prepare the floor by sealing & sealing with VPR and QUALGLO HS as directed.

  • Old Polish

    Remove old polish using a scrubbing machine with a black pad.

  • Rinse Floor

    Rinse floor with clean water & allow to dry.

  • Application

    Spray QUALGLO SB onto the floor & while still wet buff to a shine using a red buffing pad.

  • Wash Red Buffing Pad

    Wash red pad thoroughly after use.



Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

Skin:         Wash with soap and water. Apply hand cream after prolonged contact.

Eyes:        Flush with running water.

Ingestion:  Drink water. If severe get medical attention.