A fortified pine cleaner that is safe to use on all surfaces.

QUALGEL cleans, deodorises and is safe on all surfaces. QUALGEL can be used  surfaces.


  • woodwork
  • painted surfaces
  • stoves & ovens
  • bathtubs
  • toilets
  • floors

Appearance:  Green gel   |   Odour:  Pine

SG:                  1.0


  • Small Areas

    A small amount on damp cloth.

  • Large Areas

    Dilute 25 to 50g per litre of warm water.

    Add the product first then the water and agitate.

  • Paint Brushes

    Paint brushes are restored to new by soaking overnight in a 1 part QUALGEL to 5 parts water solution and then rinsing with water.


Keep out of reach from children

Inhalation: Remove from contaminated area. If severe give oxygen and seek medical attention immediately.

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible. Wash with soap and water. If severe seek medical attention.

Eyes: Wash with running water for 15 minutes. Ensure rinsing under the eyelids occur. Seek immediate medical attention.

Ingestion: Do Not induce vomiting. Give large amounts of water or milk to dilute product.  Repeat if vomiting occurs. Seek medical attention. Do Not give anything orally if the victim is unconscious.