Qualdet WP 712

A one shot low foam laundry powder safe on all fabrics.


QUALDET WP 712 is safe on all fabrics, can be used in all types of machines and at all temperatures. QUALDET WP 712 will clean, brighten and whiten due to the unique oxygen enriched enzymatic action.

All water soluble and protein stains are removed.

It is free rinsing, leaving no residue and is 100 % biodegradable.

Appearance:  Off white powder   |   Odour:  Characteristic soap


  • Quantity

    5 kg machine –   60 ml

    7 kg machine –   85 ml

    15 kg machine – 180 ml

    50 kg machine – 600 ml

  • Best Results

    Cold wash: Use a wash cycle of 20 minutes.

    Hot wash: Use a wash cycle of 15 minutes.

    Fabric Softener: Qualsoft HH



Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

Skin: Wash with soap and Water. If severe get medical attention.

Eyes: Flush with running water for 15 min. Get Medical attention.

Ingestion: Drink large amounts of water.

If severe seek medical attention.