Qualdet WP 711

QUALDET WP 711 is an oxygen bleaching laundry detergent for the removal of stubborn stains from white laundry.


Appearance: Off white powder   |   Odour: Characteristic soap


  • Dilute

    Dilute 6 – 10 g per litre of hot water (60-70°C)

  • Leave

    Leave to soak clean.

  • Rinse

    Rinse in clean water or put through normal wash cycle using QUALDET WP 717.


QUALDET WP 711 is an oxidising agent

Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

Keep out of reach from children.

Skin: Wash with soap and water.  If severe get medical attention.

Eyes: Flush with running water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

Ingestion: Drink large amounts of water. If severe seek medical attention.