Qualdet CF 80

A luxurious liquid washing detergent or as a booster for washing powders.

QUALDET CF 80 can be used as a washing detergent or as a booster to other washing powders


  • deep cleaning
  • removes tough stains
  • cold and hot water
  • safe on all fabric
  • optical brightening
  • anti-redeposition agents


  • Quantity

    7 kg machine –   30 ml

    15 kg machine –   65 ml

    25 kg machine – 100 ml

    50 kg machine – 220 ml

  • Stains

    Spray CF 80 as supplied onto the soiled area and wash as normal.

  • Pre-soak

    Use 30 ml  per 10 litres of water.  Allow to soak overnight.

  • Booster

    QUALDET CF 80 is ideal as a booster used as above with other detergents.


Eyes: Flush with running water. Administer eye drops.

Ingestion: Drink large quantities of water