Qualdet 70

An economical anti-bacterial light duty dishwashing liquid.

Qualdet 70 is a standard dishwashing liquid and general purpose cleaner with anti-bacterial properties.

Active Ingredient: Triclosan

Appearance:  Clear blue liquid   |   Odour:  Slight lemon

pH:  7.5

SG:  1

Boiling Point:  99°C


  • Light Duty

    Use 10 ml per sink (10 litres) hot water.

  • Heavy Duty

    Use 20 to 50 ml per sink (10 litres) hot water


Skin:           Apply hand cream for dry skin.

Eyes:          Wash with running water, administer eye drops.  If severe seek medical attention.

Ingestion:   Drink large amounts of water. If severe seek medical attention.