Qual Chem 85

QUALCHEM 85 is a concentrated general purpose degreaser which will remove all dirt that is fat, grease or oil based.

QUALCHEM 85 is ideal for cleaning ovens, grilles, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, garage floors, motor engines, vehicles, carpets, upholstery, stained linen and jewellery. Also removes wax from furniture.

• stained linen
• kitchens & bathrooms
• housekeeping
• floors & carpets
• workshops
• jewellery
• wax from furniture

Appearance: Clear Red Foaming Liquid   |   Odour: Distinctive

pH:  10

SG:  1.05

Boiling Point:  100°C


  • Ovens & Engines

    Heavy: Dilute 1 to 1 part water for ovens and engines.

  • Floors

    Medium: 60 mls per 10 litres water for floors.

  • Laundry & Upholstery

    Light: 30mls per 10 litres water for stained laundry & upholstery.

  • Application

    Spray onto the surface, allow to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe clean or rinse with clean water.


Skin: Apply a good quality hand cream for dry skin.

Eyes: Wash with running water for 15 minutes.

Ingestion: Drink large quantities of water or milk.