A treatment for portable toilets and pit toilets.

 A hygienic treatment for portable and pit toilets. Effectively breaks down solid matter while disinfecting.


  • portable toilets
  • pit toilets

Appearance:   Blue liquid   |   Odour:  Characteristic

pH:                  5.3

SG:                  1.03

Boiling Point:  99oC


  • Quantity

    Use 50 ml PORT-A-LOO BLUE for every 10 litres of waste tank capacity.

  • Waste Tank

    Fill waste tank with fresh water to a depth of 3 cm.

  • Empty Full Waste Tank

    Follow toilet instructions to empty full waste tank.


Exercise caution when using PORT-A-LOO BLUE.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Do not reuse empty container.

Skin: Wash with soap and water.  Apply hand cream.

Eyes: Wash with water. Seek medical attention.

Ingestion: Drink large amounts of water. Seek medical attention.