Is a colour safe bleaching agent.

Oxibrite is a specially formulated oxygen bleach which is safe to use on all colours. Oxibrite takes stains out of fabric and brightens colours. Oxibrite contains no chlorine bleach. Is effective at all wash temperatures.

Appearance:   Clear liquid   |   Odour:  Characteristic soap


  • Garment Label

    READ GARMENT CARE LABEL and always do a colour fastness test by adding a drop of Oxibrite to a hidden part of the garment. Rinse after 5 minutes.

  • Machine Wash

    Front Loader: Allow detertent to be washed into drum.  Add 100 ml Oxibrite to detergent draw while water is filling.

    Top Loader:   Add detergent and 100 ml Oxibrite while water is filling.

  • Hand Wash

    Add 10 ml Oxibrite for every 1 litre of water with detergent. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Stubborn Stains

    Apply Oxibrite to the stain, rub gently and wash immediately with regular detergent. For most effective stain removal treat stains immediately.

  • Do Not

    Oxibrite is safe on wool, silk, and delicate. Always wash garments according to washing instructions.

    Do Not allow Oxibrite to dry on fabric.

    Do Not expose treated item to direct sunlight after treating. Insufficient rinsing of fabrics may lead to yellowing. Always rinse garments thoroughly after treating with Oxibrite.

    Do Not use where dry cleaning is recommended.

    Do Not apply Oxibrite directly to metallic parts such as buckles and zips.


Keep container tightly closed when not in use

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.                     

Keep contain upright.

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and wash with plenty of water. If severe seek medical attention. Use of gloves is advised

Eyes: Flush with fresh water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Ingestion: Seek Medical attention and show this label.