Liquid Laundry

A highly active liquid laundry detergent for use in the industrial laundries. Liquid Laundry is very concentrated containing surfactants, alkalis, sequestrants optical brighteners,

Anti-responding agents with a neutral fragrance.

Appearance: Clear red foaming liquid   |   Odour: Distinctive

pH:                  7.8

SG:                  1.04

Boiling Point:  100C


  • Dry Weight

    Add 6 to 12 ml per dry weight laundry. Depending on the degree of soiling and water hardness.

  • Laundry Booster

    The addition of Laundry Booster is recommended for heavily soiled (2 to 5 ml per kg of dry linen).

  • Hospitality Linen

    When processing healthcare or hospitality linen Oxisan must be added to disinfect and remove safely (2 to 5 ml to per kg of dry Linen)

  • Automatic dosing pump

    All detergents are suitable to go through a laundry automatic dosing pump.



Skin: Apply a good quality hand cream for dry skin

Eyes: Flush eyes with running water for 15 minutes

Ingestion: Drink large quantities of water and wash out mouth with water.

Notes to physician: Treat as for general detergent

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool dry area.