Lime Solvent

Lime Solvent

Solvent for the removal of lime buildup.

LIME SOLVENT removes lime film, cement, iron stains and scale from stainless steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass, plastic and bricks.

Appearance: Pale blue liquid   |   Odour: Slight acidic odour

SG:        1.16

Boiling Point:   100° C


  • Light Scaling

    20 to 50 ml per litre water

  • Heavy Scaling

    20 to 100 ml per litre water

  • Mortar

    250 ml per litre water.  Scrub with a stiff brush until all cement has been removed.


DO NOT mix with any other liquids or powders except water

Skin: Wash immediately with soap and water.

Eyes: Wash with a 5% Bicarb solution or flush for 15 minutes with running water.

Ingestion: DO NOT induce vomiting.  Drink egg white or milk.  Get medical attention.