Laundry Boost

Alkali Booster for Laundry Applications

Laundry Boost is a specially formulated alkali booster for laundry applications.

Laundry Boost is dispensed into washing machines automatically through Qual Chem’s programmed dosing equipment.

Appearance: Clear liquid   |   Odour: Mild

SG:                              1.21 at 20 degrees Celsius

Boiling Point:              Not ascertained

Solubility in water       100%


  • Dosage

    Laundry Boost is automatically dosed into laundry machines via Qual Chem’s dosing pumps. The pumps are programmed by trained Qual Chem staff to ensure correct usage.

  • Precautions

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Harmful if swallowed.

    Do not use on alloy surfaces.

    Avoid all contact with skin and eyes

  • Protective Clothing

    Wear protective clothing, PVC Glove, Eye protection when handling.


Corrosive, contains potassium hydroxide.

DO NOT mix with any other liquids or powders except water.

Skin: Wash immediately with copious amounts of clean water, neutralize with a light solution of vinegar, and if the burning persists seek medical attention immediately.

Eyes: Immediately flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes, seek urgent medical attention.

Ingestion:       DO NOT induce vomiting, wash out mouth with approximately 300 ml of water and seek urgent medical attention.