An effective alternative to granular chlorine for the maintenance of swimming pool water.

HYPROX can be used in all types of swimming pools including portable and fibreglass pools.

Appearance:      |   Odour:


  • Test water

    Test and correct the pH of the water.

  • Add Hyprox

    Add HYPROX to the water in the evening.

    30 000 litre pool –  3 litres

    50 000 litre pool –   5 litres

    85 000 litre pool –   10 litres

  • Frequency

    Winter (dry season): +- 6 weeks.

    Summer (wet season): +-4 weeks

    Do not add any other form of chlorine


HYPROX is corrosive. Exercise caution.

Skin: Make a bicarb paste and apply immediately. If severe seek medical help.

Eyes: Seek medical attention immediately. Wash with running water.

Ingestion: Seek medical attention immediately. Drink egg white or milk.

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air.