FC 215

A powerful floor degreaser for unpainted concrete floors.

FC 215 solubilises grease and oil and causes the dirt to float to the surface of the floor to facilitate easy removal.

Appearance: Dark brown Liquid   Odour: Characteristic creosote odour

pH:  13

SG:   1.2

Boiling Point:    100°C


  • Quantity

    Mix 1 part with 3 parts water.  

  • Application

    Spread over the area to be cleaned and allow to soak for 10 to 30 minutes.

  • Wash

    Wash off with clean water.

  • Severe Cases

    In severe cases of heavy dirt and grease, allow to stand overnight.


Use gloves and goggles.

FC 215 contains alkali and corrosive


Skin:        Wash immediately with soap and water.

Eyes:        Wash with a 5% Bicarb solution or flush with running water. Get medical attention.

Ingestion: DO NOT induce vomiting. Drink egg white or milk.  Seek medical attention.