Bead Lube

A general purpose lubricant

BEAD LUBE is a synthetic blend of soaps forming an effective lubricant. BEAD LUBE can be used to aid the fitting of all types of tyres to steel rims. BEAD LUBE contains a rust inhibitor to help prevent rims from rusting and ideal for lubricating moulds in the building, brick and block industries.

Appearance: Dark green liquid   |   Odour: Slight lemon

SG:  1

pH:   7.5

Boiling Point:  99°C


  • Rims

    Apply to the bead with a paint brush prior to fitting.

    Dilute 1 part with 1 part water.

  • Moulds

    Use as is or dilute 1 part with 1 part water.


Eyes:           Wash with running water. Administer eye drops.

Ingestion:        Drink water.