Acticide D

A concentrated sterilising powder.

Acticide D is a blend of organic chlorine compounds and surfactants. Used in food processing plants, dairies, hospitals, nursing homes etc. It will disinfect utensils, medical apparatus, beds, trolleys, surfaces, walls and floors.

Appearance: Free flowing white powder       Odour: Characteristic chlorine odour


  • Clean Item before

    Acticide D is not a cleaner. You need to thoroughly clean item before disinfecting. Cleaning equipment must be clean.

  • Fresh Solution Daily

    Use a fresh solution of Acticide d on a daily basis. Do Not Use hot water. One sachet in 9 litres of water gives 250ppm available chlorine

  • Add Contents

    Add contents of sachet to 9L water stir to dissolve.

  • Place Items in Solution

    Place items in solution. For effective disinfecting a contact time of 1 minute is required.

  • Kitchen and Medical Equipment

    For Kitchen and Medical Equipment you need to soak items in solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water. For all surfaces you can put solution into a spray bottle and spray solution and after recommended waiting time wipe off using a clean cloth.

  • Caution



Protective Equipment to be used when handling this product.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes

Skin: Wash with soap and water. If severe get medical attention.

Eyes: Flush with running water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

Ingestion: Drink water, milk or egg whites. Get medical attention take sodium thiosulphate orally (5 to 10gm in 200ml water.

SANS Number: Act5GNR529/206248/140/0518

Active Ingredient: Sodium Dichlorocyanate (96%)

PH at recommended dilution:  7.5

Storage Temperature: 5- 30 Degrees Centigrade.