88 XL

88 XL is a fast acting, heavy duty aluminium brightener with cleaning power.

88 XL removes both dirt and corrosion from aluminium trucks, trailers and alloy rims.

It can be used a pre-treat before welding. 88 XL rinses off without leaving streak marks.

It is easy to apply and safe on plastic, rubber and paint.

USES:  88XL contains hydrofluoric acid. It will etch glass and strip anodising.

Use only nylon, rubber or plastic equipment.

Appearance: Clear liquid   |   Odour: Characteristic acid odour

SG:  1.15

pH:  >1

Boiling Point:  100°C


  • Regular

    1 part 88XL to 20 to 30 parts water.

  • Heavy

    1 part 88XL to 5 parts water.

  • Application

    Apply with mop, brush or sponge. Rinse with clean water.

  • Dip Application

    For dip application, dilute as above and dip for 2 to 5 minutes.


Skin:        Wash immediately with soap and   water.

Eyes:       Wash with a 5% Bicarb solution. Get medical attention.

Ingestion:       Drink milk. Seek medical attention