Qual Chem’s History

Qual Chem was started in 1983 by Tony Currie, an industrial chemist. He formulated and manufactured top quality cleaning products building up a range of more than 100 items. Tony’s vision, now perpetuated by his family, addresses the needs of the domestic, institutional and industrial consumer. Our comprehensive product line-up includes cleaning, sanitising and specialised products for homes restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, automotive workshops and factories.

Tony was a sticker for perfection and built his company on a reputation for product excellence with customer service to match.

The Qual Chem team strive to perpetuate the company’s working premise that, “When we recommend a product for specific application, we are confident that it will work first time, every time with no come backs. With our product quality and years of experience, if we cannot get it clean then it simply cannot be cleaned.”

Friendly Cleaning Crew

Qual Chem offers cleaning services to Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Hostels, Garages, Schools, Hospitals, Holiday Cottages, as well as Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Full Treatment of Floors,  Algae Treatments and Auto Valet Services.

Chemically intensive deep-cleaning is administered to all toilets, washrooms, change rooms, cloakrooms, kitchens, food service areas and grease traps.

Quality Products & Service

With the help of Qual Chem’s quality range of cleaning products, the professional cleaning crew will eliminate all bacteria, viruses, fungal growth, uric acid build-up from these potentially hazardous areas, leaving them sparkling clean, pleasantly fragranced and above all, germ free. Contact us for a Quotation!

To attain and sustain the Qual Chem Company Policy, a Quality Management System has been set up. The system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, third edition, and addresses the following points: How management determines and realises its quality policy;

  • How the quality of service is assured;
  • How the quality of service is controlled;
  • How Qual Chem works towards the improvement of its processes;
  • How Qual Chem ensures customer requirements are met and how customer satisfaction is assured.

Management policy is to review prices annually, but that does not mean that all prices automatically increase automatically increase annually. Regular customers are notified of price increases.

Our marketing representatives maintain contact with Qual Chem’s regular client base to check client stock levels, offer advice on product usage, and to offer optional services such as client-staff training.

A delivery schedule is negotiated with each client to ensure customer satisfaction.